What Is a Traveling Nurse?

What Is a Traveling Nurse, You Ask? It is one of the quickest growing segments of the nursing industry. The current nursing shortage, and the underpayment of nurses in some sections of the US, and the opportunity to have a great paying job in any part of the country has created a great opportunity for nurses to earn great money and live in some of the best part of the country.

Travel nurses are signed for short term appointments through staffing agencies that specialize in traveling nurses. The agency will generally supply traveling nurse with housing and travel expense, along with paying for licenses, benefits and helping with payroll services. The hospital meets an immediate need for open positions temporarily and the nurses get paid well above the going permanent position rate.

How long does a traveling nurse stay in one place and position?

The length of stay can depend by what staffing agency or hospital you are working for. An assignment can be as short as 8 weeks or up to 26 weeks. Many times the position will be renewed if both parties agree to new terms. Most assignments last around 8-16 weeks.

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